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Album cover for "Flying Elephants" by Dor Herskovits. Drawing by Hery Paz and design by Diane Zhou

Dor Herskovits Quintet

Flying Elephants (To be released September 2019)

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Hery Paz- Tenor sax

Caio Afiune - Guitar

Isaac Wilson - Piano

Max Ridley - Bass

Dor Herskovits - Drums




More projects

The band "Earprint" - " Boardroom meeting" photo. Dor Herskovits, Tree Palmedo, Simon Willson and Kevin Sun sitting at the table with their instruments


New album to be released October 2019


Kevin Sun - Tenor Sax and Clarinet

Tree Palmedo - Trumpet

Simon Wilson - Bass

Dor Herskovits - Drums


The band "Tet-rap-tych" four panel photo with Bert Seager on piano, Hery Paz on Saxophone, Dor Herskovits on drums, and Max Ridley on bass



Hery Paz - Tenor Sax

Bert Seager - Piano

Max Ridley - Bass

Dor Herskovits - Drums